3 Types Of Sign No Retail Store Should Be Without

To run a successful and profitable business you must draw your clients in some way. The best way to do this is to have eye catching retail signs. Having signs that drive foot traffic in are imperative in the retail world. Think about when you are walking along busy streets in the area, even if you are not interested in shopping if you see a sign outside a shop, you at least glance at it. In one way, shape or form it catches your eye. Well, that is if you have an effective sign.

In this extremely competitive world, you need to go above and beyond and also be creative when it comes to attracting customers. We know the importance of advertising, whether it be through your website, mail or signage. The main point is, it will set you apart and also boost your sales.

Signs have “jobs” just like your employees do. They have information about your company, such as the sale you are putting on and wayfinding to general product or usage information. They also need to stand out and take time to explain the message.

Let’s examine some key items about retail signage and what types of signs to use in further detail.

When choosing a retail sign for your business, stick to some of these ideas:

  • Be specific:  Your sign needs to relay a message, quickly and effectively. Always include details of importance, such as product information and or instructions.
  • Simplicity: Keep your message simple and to the point. This information needs to be clear and present a message fairly quick. If it takes you more then five seconds to convey your thoughts, you should reconsider the message. Short and sweet!
  • Have a call to action: Remember your sign is your advertisement. Your goal is to have customer walk in your store, notice you are having a sale and most importantly purchase something.

Just as important as what information you will be displaying on this sign, is the type of sign you should choose for your retail location.

Her are a list of important types of signs to explore for your retail location:

  1. Outdoor Signs
    These types of signs may be one of the most crucial for retail locations. This is what pulls customers into your location. Keep in mind, this is one of the first impressions they see when they walk/drive up to your location. Imagine when you drive through a parking lot full of different stores, an eye catching sign may have you stop somewhere you may not have before. An outdoor sign can be anything from a window, storefront, entrance, awning or sidewalk sign. These signs should represent our brand and portray the experience they should expect inside.
  2. Informational Signs
    These signs explain where to go. When you walk into a store, you want to know what area to go to locate the item you are looking for, right? That is why these signs are strongly recommended in the retail world. If you have a customer looking for the restroom, you will need a wayfinding sign to assist. These need to be easy to read, straight to the point and stand out. Types of information signs can be: wayfinding, directional, organization and departmental.
  3. Persuasive Signs
    The goal of these signs are to influence your customers opinions. Have eye catching imagery to advertise a promotion or product. You want to pull a customer to a particular item you are featuring or a new item. This does not take the focus off all other items, it shows a sense of urgency or attention to other items. Some key items may be a featured of the week item, seasonal or a hot sale price.

Whatever type of signs you choose for your retail signage, keep in mind a sign is like a picture, when designed and placed in the right location it can be worth a thousand words. You want to draw people in, boost sales and have your customers locate items at ease. Check out some of our creative signage that Eye 4 Group has created for people like you!