4 Reasons to Watch the Superbowl

Many of us enjoy watching football from September to January, but one of the biggest sporting events of the year falls in February. Whether it’s a nail-biting, down to wire game or a washout, this is one of the most watched sporting events every year. This may be because football is one of America’s most popular sports, watched and played. 

This year it will be Super Bowl LI, hosted in Houston, Texas, on February 5. In case you live under a rock or are not an avid football follower, the two teams competing against each other are the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots. Our Indianapolis Colts did not have one of their best seasons, but nonetheless, this years Super Bowl will be one to watch.

Not everyone is a huge Super Bowl fan, but even if you are not, there are many reasons to watch this beloved sporting event. Let’s check out a few reasons to watch this year’s big game.

  1. Love of the game – Many people watch just because they love football and competition. There is nothing better than watching two of the best teams in the NFL, going for the big title. The Falcons will make their second appearance to a Super Bowl, while the Patriots will make their ninth. Of those 9 appearances, they have won 4 titles thus far. The only other teams close to this many appearances are the Steelers, Cowboys and Broncos. They have all have made 8 appearances each. Therefore, whether you enjoy football or not, the talent in this game on Sunday will be intense to watch.
  2. Halftime Show – The halftime show is one of the most tuned in live concerts of the year. Did you know that Super Bowl 50’s audience was the third largest in TV. history? With performances by Bruno Mars, Coldplay and Beyonce leading the halftime show, 115.5 million people tuned in. This year Lady Gaga will be performing in Houston, with country star, Luke Bryan performing the national anthem. If you are a music fan, this years musical acts should be entertaining for all.
  3. Funny Commercials – A vast majority of people tune in to watch some of the best commercials on TV each year that are ran during the Super Bowl. A 30-second ad sold at an average of $5 million, in 2016. With this kind of cost, marketing agencies tend to produce some of the best commercials during this time. With over 100 million people watching, companies are willing to pay to get their product or service out there. This whooping number does not include live streaming, private parties and bars and restaurants that are showing the game. These marketers see the return on investment and try to outdo their competitors, by making spoofs or using celebrities to draw people in. We have to admit, there are a lot of commercials that do stick in our minds, even days after the big game. Props to these creative groups.
  4. FOOD – One of the best parts of the Super Bowl is the variety of foods people make or bring over to parties, etc. Who doesn’t love to eat!!!? There are always sales at the grocery stores to entice you to try new items or buy more of your favorite ones. Whether you like meatballs, ribs, wings, sliders, pizza, chili, dips, chips, humus and/or a variety of others, you are sure to work up an appetite before the game.

As you can read from above, there are many reasons to find the time to watch the Super Bowl. Whether you are a die hard football fan, love music, entertained by the million dollar commercials or love to eat, enjoy watching this years Super Bowl game.