9 Signs You’re Destined To Be An Entrepreneur

Have you ever wanted to branch out on your own?

For many of us, the answer is yes, but is it really that easy? Every negative thought seems to cross your mind, which can ultimately pull you farther away from your dreams.

What if my new company fails?
How will I pay the bills on my own?
How will I find leads?
Will my new company succeed?
How long will it take me to break even?

As these are all valid questions and I’m sure they will cross your mind in one way, shape or form, there are also some many positive aspects to look at as well.

You’ll have a company you started from the ground up!
You will be your own boss!
You can pick the location of your new company or work from home!
You can become a successful entrepreneur!

How rewarding are all of these examples.

Every business owner will tell you they were scared, nervous and worried at times when they first started their company or idea. But let’s face it, becoming successful means taking risks and with risks, rewards follow.

At the beginning, a startup is something that will require long hours and time that is full of adventures and ups and downs. Whether you are an experienced Graphic Designer, IT Professional or Health Coach, there will be problems, concerns and questions along the way. But no one ever said it was easy to be successful. Look at the famous actors, sports legends or CEO’s across the globe. Do you think they had an easy journey? I’m sure there were times that they wanted to give up, but they knew they were different and had signs that drove them to succeed.

Let’s take a look at 11 of these signs, to determine if you are destined to be an entrepreneur!

  1. You’re Fearless – Entrepreneurs see potential and are not afraid to dive in. They are optimists and invest their time and money, however that takes. They believe, this will all pay off in the end.
  2. You Take Action – While others are watching TV, going out with friends or using their time unproductively, you are doing the opposite. You begin researching online, creating ideas and coming up with ways to achieve your goal. But taking action means you also choose to dive right in and learn from your life experiences and problem-solving attitude.
  3. You’re Crafty – You have a creative mind and visualize your ideas and goals. You use the resources you do have and don’t focus on what you don’t. Being crafty means you have street smarts and are resourceful with what you have been given.
  4. You Are Full of EnergyYou are energized and put in long hours to succeed. Succeeding is your adrenaline rush. You tend to stand out among your peers.
  5. You Surround Yourself Around Motivated PeopleYou need people who bounce ideas off you and give you ideas that you may not have thought of. These people, tell you like it is and have research to back there reasons up.
  6. You Aren’t Afraid To FailIf you fail, you try again. This is huge in the entrepreneur industry. You don’t feel sorry for yourself or give up, you move on to the next step.
  7. Challenges Motivate You Problem solving is a skill you possess and when a challenge arises, you face it on headfirst.
  8. You’re Adaptable – You tweak your ideas to better your business with the changes around you or in the economy.
  9. You Work and Play Hard –  If you fall you get up! You embrace what’s in store next! You focus and continue to fight to achieve your goals!

There are many other aspects of becoming an entrepreneur, but these were some of the key signs that most entrepreneurs posses. You may have read this over and thought “WOW, I have more signs in me then I thought to succeed!”  If that is the case, get out there and start your own company as we did.