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First impressions are very important as a business. Your building sign can be one of the first impressions your customers view about your company. Dramatically increase your business’s exposure and strengthen your branding with the professional aesthetics with a building sign. Building signs are one of the best forms of advertising and return on investment for your Indianapolis company. Signs are used as marketing tools, which reinforce your brand, gain new customers, and also display your company name for all to see.

We offer a wide variety of building signs to advertise your company, which are commonly referred to as permanent signs. They are strong, durable signs, that last a long time and can withstand all types of Indianapolis weather. They provide exterior advertising, information and guide your customers around your property.

Variety of Indianapolis Building Signs

Our building signs come in a variety of materials, products, colors, and creative design elements. Our goal is to promote your Indianapolis company and draw customers in. A new building sign is vital to your marketing campaign. Unlike other types of marketing options, these are a valuable and cost-effective investment for your business.


They always go the extra mile to make sure the final product represents your business in the best way possible. They have exceptional service paired with fantastic creativity!

Brian M.

What a fantastic group of people to work with! We use Eye 4 Group for all of our sign and decal work. They are quick and their work is 2nd none. Give them a call if you are looking to have some work done!

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Pylon Signs

These are big tall signs that can be seen from a distance. Think of gas station, hotels and shopping plaza signs. They can advertise one business or multiple. 

Pole Signs

 Pole signs are signs on a pole. They usually have one company listed on them. They are high and usually can be seen from a distance

Monument Signs

These signs are usually placed at the entrance to a building and made of durable materials such as concrete, brick, wood or high-density foam. They are eye catching and beautiful signs that advertise your company, while adding an aesthetic piece to look at.

Wall Signs

Variety of shapes and sizes and can be either illuminated or not. These can be channel letters, dimensional signs and flat signs that lay against the building. 

Blade Signs

They mount to the wall of a building. They can be illuminated or not. These signs project from the wall and help customers find your business from the street or sidewalk.


 Awnings not only can advertise your company and provide protection for your customers as well. They provide a classy look to your store or building front. 

Wall Graphics

Window graphics are placed on the windows or your storefront. They can promote a product, sale and your company branding.

Sidewalk Signs

These signs draw in customers and are placed outside of your Indianapolis store, restaurant or building. You can change these signs, display sales or products that you carry or simply use them for branding purposes.

Channel Letters

Channel letter signs are three-dimensional graphic sign built usually from plastic or metal materials. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These are one of the most popular types of building signs.

Way-finding Signs

These informative signs guides visitors around the office, store or building complex. They are used to assist your customers around your facility at ease.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional Letters add depth and “pop” out to add a 3-Dimensional look to your building sign. These signs are very eye-catching and look very professional as well.

Benefits of Indianapolis Building Signs

tdoor advertising means less to invest and more return on investment. Your business is on display 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Building signs are not temporary, like television or radio ads. They can be seen from a distance and draw people in from near and far, from vehicle traffic or foot traffic. They also can direct people around at ease to avoid any confusion. Exterior signs that contain logos and company information can create brand awareness. A small business can earn big from creative, eye-catching, and personal signs.

It Helps Build Brand Awareness!

An exterior sign that contains a business logo, helps build brand awareness. Conveying the essential business information as well as introducing the main products, signage becomes an integral part of the overall business promotion campaign.

Things to consider when ordering Indianapolis Building Signs?

  1. What is your primary goal for these signs?
  2. What type of building sign do you prefer?
  3. What items will be displayed on your sign?

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Consider Eye 4 Group for your next Indianapolis Building Signs. Our company has been around for over 10 years and performed many sign services such as design, fabrication, and installation to our customers. Your building sign can make or break your business. Whether you are looking for a monument, LED, Neon, Channel letter, or any other type of sign, we have the experience to make your company stand out. Contact us today for a free quote or fill out our online form.