WHY Promotional Items Are A HOT PRODUCT!

How many of you still have that old T-shirt you received at a Trade Show, Job Fair or Sporting Event? More importantly, how many of you like free stuff? Most people would answer yes to both of these questions. We have good news for those of you who are looking to promote your business and expose your branding just by handing out simple inexpensive items to consumers.

At Eye 4 Group, we have a large variety of promotional items that will fit your business needs. Promotional items can attract new customers; increase brand identity and potentially increase sales. Everyone knows the old saying, “You have to spend money, to make money”. Why not spend this money on items that has your branding all over them.

We have promotional items for all types of businesses and quantities that will fit in your budget.  Take a look at the variety of items you can use to market your company:

  • T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats and Jackets (Clothing will always get worn, for years to come)
  • Cups, Koozies, Tote Bags (The use of these items are endless and can be used daily)
  • Golf Balls (Who doesn’t love sports)
  • Thumb Drives (Pass out your company documents on these tiny features for easy transporting anywhere)
  • Folders (Printed documents can be placed neatly for clients to carry with them)
  • Marketing and Print Collateral (Great for Trade Shows, placement items for your lobby area, materials to hand out during meetings)
  • Pens and Pencils (Everyone on the planet uses one of these items daily)

Promotional Items are a great way to market your business to a very large audience, while doing minimal work. Let’s look at a 5 ways that promotional items are the right investment for you.

1)   Lasting Impressions

These items have a strong correlation between the item and the person that gave the product to you. As stated previously, every one of us has some sort of item received from a company where their logo or branding is displayed on it in some sort of form, shape or other. I also bet you remember where you received this item. Most people have 10 promotional items laying around in their office or home. How many do you have?

2)   Brand Awareness

1 out of 4 people walk around with some sort of promotional item on or with them. Imagine the large amount of consumers you reach far beyond your targeted audience just by passing out a “Free” item. Clothing can be a moving billboard for your marketing campaign. Keep in mind, all this is happening with minimal work on your end. By handing out items at Trade Shows, in your lobby or during meetings, how many other hands and eyes come across your branding once you leave these events?

3)   Generate Sales

In a Baylor University study, companies whose sales employees utilized promotional items performed 22% more business than those sales employees who did not use any. Advertising who you are on a product is one of the easiest ways to attract customers. Promotional products such as Pens, Pencils, Thumb Drives and T-Shirts tend to reach a larger geographic market since these items are so tangible by many. These items have a positive impact on attitude and behavior. It is said that 58% of people tend to do some sort of business with someone who gave them a promotional item.

4)   Open Door Policy

Think of how comfortable it is to talk to someone at a Trade Show, etc. when you have a free item to share with them. Having promotional items opens this line of communication to a potential client. All you have to do is say “Would you like a FREE T-Shirt?”, then the door is open to promote your business once you grab their attention.

5)   Your Item Will Be Passed Along

Is the pen your using right now a pen you may have “borrowed” from a co-worker or received at a sales event? More then likely at some point in your career you’ve received a promotional item unintentionally from someone you have encountered. Therefore, it’s a great marketing tool to hand out items with your name and logo on them because you never know whose hands they will end up in. There is a study that shows more people will pass on a promotional gift then throw it away.

Now that you know the importance of why you need a promotional item for your company it’s time to pick an item that will fit your company’s needs and budget. Remember customers are more likely to remember your company if they have been exposed to it numerous times. To be successful, your business needs to be exposed to hundreds, let us at Eye 4 Group help you do this. With our numerous print and promotional items, we are sure we have a product fit just for you. Call us today to begin the process of picking out the perfect item to get your company branding exposed all over.