The 5 Coolest Features of an IndyCar

With the Indianapolis 500 coming up in a couple of weeks, fans and engines are revving up for the greatest spectacle in racing. Prior to the big event, there are several preliminary events taking place, such as the Indianapolis Grand Prix this weekend. The 2.439-mile, 14-turn road course takes place on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway oval shaped track, as well as a street circuit set up within the infield. The track alone is a sight to see, but the main attraction of the whole event are the IndyCars, each having a different color and style to set them apart from each other. They are as eye-catching as they are powerful and exciting to watch during the race. Here are some of the coolest features of the world’s fastest cars:

  1. An Indy Car can reach speeds of up to 235 miles per hour!
  2. The technology used to build the seats, harnesses, and belts in these cars is also used by NASA and the United States Air Force.
  3. These cars are the first in history to run on ethanol instead of gasoline. Ethanol is a much more environmentally friendly fuel that burns cleaner than gas, releasing a significantly lower amount of pollution into the air.
  4. The direct-injected, twin turbocharged engine formula is very similar to the kind used by large industrial power plants throughout the country.
  5. The vinyl wrap installation on each IndyCar is one of the most detailed wrapping processes in the vehicle wraps industry.

These creatively customized IndyCars require a great deal of care and attention to detail. The open wheel race car style is very different from the average vehicle’s frame. The intricate art of vehicle wrapping an IndyCar requires technicians to disassemble and strip each race car down to its carbon fiber tub.
This process entails taking off all of the front suspension so that the graphic can be placed on a completely clean and clear canvas. Each piece of the car is clothed with a vinyl vehicle half wrap and then reassembled. The compound curves on the sidepods, engine covers, and any remaining parts are then wrapped.

With a standard car, Eye 4 Group’s installation process ismuch quicker, requiring our team of Installation experts to apply either half or full vehicle wraps. Just like each IndyCar is wrapped with a sponsor’s logo and information, we wrap our customer’s vehicles with our vehicle graphics that act as moving billboard signs for a company to promote and market themselves with. The common vehicles we install graphic wraps on are:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Boats
  • Vans
  • SUVs
  • Semis
  • Trailers
  • ATVs
  • Motorcycles

An industry like the racing world is always a frontrunner in innovation and technology, so when race cars are wrapped with company’s logos and marketing material, you know that it is one of the most effective ways to promote a business. Eye 4 Group can also install eye-catching wraps on your vehicle that will make heads turn and start to recognize your brand as you pass by. Our Indianapolis Vehicle Wraps Company can provide services to you that are very similar to what you will  be seeing out on the track this weekend, so upgrade your vehicle by contacting one of our installers today!