Tips to Engage Your Employees at Work

Many employees just feel like a face in the crowd when they are at their workplace. Did you know that less than one-third of employees in 2015, felt as if they were truly engaged in their workplace? it is best to keep your employees engaged, as this will make them more productive, improve communication and also provide integrity for them. 

Since the typical work week usually lasts about 40 hours, keeping your employees alert and engaged can make their experience at work better. This also helps them invest the effort to strive for success. If you have employees who do not feel engaged or appreciated, they are less likely reach the companies goals. There are many cost-effective, creative ways to engage your employees, which will decrease turnover rates and provide a more positive environment for all.

Provide adequate training. Throwing someone in the mix without any instructions, is like sending someone out to swim in the ocean without a life jacket. There is no way they can succeed if they do not understand the basic components of their position. Ensure they understand their roles and responsibilities. Have an on-boarding which introduces them to their co-workers, what their co-workers roles entail and what their typical day to day could look like. Have a trainer available to answer questions and double check their work.

Mentor. If you are a great leader of your company, you always want to see others grow and reach their potential. Most individuals want to have their employees not only advance, but also succeed at their current role. This person should also provide feedback so the employee can improve in certain areas. Correcting their mistakes will not allow them to learn or grow. The goal of a mentor is to provide any additional training and “coach” their employees.

Learn about your employees. Understand the background and what your employees enjoy to do outside of work. For example, if they are in a recreational league for basketball, ask how their team is performing throughout the season. If they have two kids, know the children’s name and ask how they are doing, etc. Getting to know your employees on a personal level shows them you care and also that you want to get to know them as a person, not just a face at work. 

Have company events/parties at work. It is a great idea to provide your employees with some fun activities at work. Whether it is a pizza party once a month or a company outing during work hours once a month, engage them in more than the monotonous 9:00 to 5:00 routine. Celebrate birthdays, big events such as a marriage and or a birth of a child. 

Provide recognition. It is always a great idea to provide positive feedback if your company and or employees have reached goals. If your company reaches a goal, you would not be able to reach that without the help of your team. Therefore, it is best to share these goals and provide a thank you and or celebratory experience for all involved. Another example, would be a promotion, sales goal hit and or an employee who hit a year(s) anniversary. Celebrate the positives that occur in your organization and you will see many more happy faces.

If you are interested in growing your company, reaching goals and having employees who work hard and enjoy the company that they work for, always engage them when you can. Hopefully these tips start you in the right direction for higher production and a healthier work place.