WOW your clients with design

Are you looking to “WOW” your clients? Do you need tips on how to create design pieces that will attract clients?

All projects begin with the design process. Design is a plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is built or made. When it comes to design work, you need a graphic designer who can make your vision come to life. Eye 4 Group has experienced designers who will give you the WOW factor and produce creative concepts geared to get your company’s services noticed.

Here are 5 design items with tips on how for creating them:


Logo Design

When creating a logo, the most important thing to do is make it memorable. You want your customers to remember who you are just by envisioning your logo in their head. When customers remember who you are and what you stand for, this leads to repeat business and referrals. Your logo will communicate things to consumers about your brand, therefore the design you choose should fit your company’s overall message. Also, think about the colors you are using. Colors have a powerful effect on decision making believe it or not. You want it to stand out and not have similar colors to your competitors. Make sure your logo will look the same when you place it on your marketing collateral as well as promotional items like a T-shirt or water bottle.


Brand identity is defined as “how a business wants a brand’s name, communication style, logo and other visual elements to be perceived by consumers”. You want your branding to trigger an emotional reaction. To start, determine your company’s goals when creating your branding. Your branding is your voice or communication to your clients, this will carry out through all of your marketing; such as social media, public relations and advertising.  The key to company branding is to keep the items that you are designing consistent throughout them all.

Business Cards

Business cards show what company you work for and what you do for that company. One of the best ways to relay this to a client is to create a well-designed card, that is easy to follow and let’s the client know who you are. We all have a lot of information we would like to relay to the client immediately on our card, but keep in mind your text cannot be to small, never use a font size lower then 8 pt. Do not leave the back of the card blank, people actually do turn the card over to check. Add a photo of a product or something relevant to your company or you can always add your logo.

Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral consists of but not limited to letterheads, envelopes, brochures, ads and flyers. When designing your marketing pieces keep in mind that everything should look uniform and flow. Use a style guide when creating these items. A style guide is a strategey used to determine which design elements will be included in your collateral. This includes, logos, colors, fonts, graphics, and any key phrases or words. 

Vehicle Wraps

When designing a vehicle wrap, the first thing to accomplish is to determine what your company goal is. Keep your message short, most people only will glance at your vehicle for about 5 seconds, such as passing them on the road or in passing traffic. Also, keep in mind the placement of your design,  place items at drivers level so they can be viewed when sitting in traffic. The message you are trying to relay to potential customers should be conveyed in this time span. Use images that are of high quality, these images will be enlarged and you do not want them to look blurry or pixelated. Finally follow your brand identity guidelines, this wrap design needs to flow with the rest of your advertising.

Now that you are familiar with some of the items that we design and tips on where to begin when speaking to your designer, contact us at Eye 4 Group to have on of our designers create your next design piece. At Eye 4 Group, our graphic designer can turn your rough sketch or ideas into a professional design piece. We design items that make you stand out among the rest and grab your client’s attention. Call us today to get started at 317-804-4080.